Everyday Probiotic for your Dog

Simple and gentle probiotic formula for dogs who need digestive support.

Probiotic for Dogs

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Calculated combination of both Prebiotics and Probiotics to give your dog support for proper digestion and support immune system functions.

  • Including Bacilius coagulans. The only probiotic strain stable in a chewable.
  • Full 200mg of FOS, a prebootic to feed the healthy microflora in your dog's GI Tract.
  • Available in delicious  

Ingredients Per Chew (1.5g chew)

  • FOS (Fructooligosaccharides): 200mg
  • Bacillus coagulans: 120,000,000 CFU/chew

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If your dog is on a specific diet plan, or is known to have a sensitive stomach please consult with your veterinarian before using Good Pets supplements.

Dog Probiotics

Delicious chewable that will keep your dog's digestive health on the right track. The GoodPets Probiotic contains a blend of both probiotics and prebiotics to maintain a balanced gut for your dog.

Probiotic Questions

Is it OK to give my dog probiotics every day?

Yes! The GoodPets probiotic chewable is safe for daily use.

While most commercial dog foods and some fruits, vegetables, and grains do include probiotics, many dogs are not getting enough from their diets to optimize digestion. The GoodPets probiotic chewable is a simple, delicious way to introduce quality probiotics to your dogs gut and GI system, and was specifically formulated to be given daily.

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Customer Reviews

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Biddy Lamb

All three of my fur babies Baxter, Butler and Brianna take these supplements! They love them and stand in line for them, thinking they are treats! I’m so glad I have them on all these supplements!

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