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Supplements That Seem Like Treats

Happy and Healthy Dogs

Good Pets uses carefully selected ingredients, crafted right here in Vermont, to give your pup the happy, healthy, and long life they deserve.

Giving your dog supplements should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, including your furry friend. The supplements crafted by Good Pets Foods are crafted to be exactly like a treat. The nutrients provided keep your pet feeling their best and full of playful energy.

Just like people, even with a nutrient rich diet, supplements have huge benefits to the quality of life, energy levels, and even lifespan of your dog.

Good Pets offers general multi-vitamins to boost the overall health of your dog, or you can shop by specific needs such as Probiotics, Heart Health, Joint Support, Skin & Coat, or even chewables to Calm your dog.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Healthy Treat Options